Partner since: 2016


AHSETFIN (Honduran Association for the Development of Technical and Financial Services) was founded in 2006 by local Hondurans with the mission to lend to single mothers and Hondurans without access to credit from traditional banks. AHSETFIN lends a majority of its portfolio (83%) to groups, which typically consist of 5-20 small business owners who self-administer funds and cosign each other’s loans. In addition to lending for small and micro businesses, AHSETFIN issues loans to purchase water tanks through its Credi-Agua program. This program seeks to improve access to quality drinking water for AHSETFIN borrowers. Borrowers purchase a large plastic water tank, which is then installed on the roof of the borrower’s home. The tank collects rainwater which passes through a filtration system as it is drawn out for use. This reliable source of clean water is especially important for borrowers who are restaurant owners or food vendors.


More information: https://www.ahsetfin.org.hn/